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Resume on request includes, projects in Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. 

We have a wide variety of supporters that are qualified in archaeology, architecture, historians, and skilled craftsmen in every field. We also have the ability to assist you in finding loans, funding or grants for your project. 

We serve as a example that has brought a positive visibility and preservation among the general public and have earned a solid reputation for quality restoration. 

A wide diversity in types of historical structures and new construction; schools, churches, store fronts, theaters, civil buildings, homes, factories, banks, motels, and pioneer homes. 

We have been in the industry for many years and have experience in almost every field. If there is something you need done we can take care of the job. From new construction, remodels, restoration, residential, commercial, and anything else you can dream of. We aim for satisfied customers on every project.